Saturday, April 26, 2014

We LOVE Poetry!

What a beautiful Saturday morning... up early working on my Poetry unit, which I just posted to TPT... whew, relief!!!
Doing a little shopping this afternoon with my sister and my cousin... It's going to be a great day! Love these girlies! 
So during the month of April, we have been writing poetry for National Poetry Month... as I'm sure many of you are! When I first told the kiddos about our poetry unit, I was met with several groans... but they have all realized that poetry is fun, creative, different, silly, exciting! They LOVE it!!
We jumped head first into the unit by doing a really creative project that I blogged about last week.... It got the kids' creative juices flowing and was a great start to the unit. The project incorporated writing a poem about spring and doing a great Kandinsky-inspired art project. Click this link for my previous post, We Welcome Spring with Kandinsky.
During our unit, we wrote the following types of poetry and as we went along, I created/recreated my previous poetry writing paper, planning sheets, examples.... ALL OF IT!
Shape Poems
Acrostic Poems
Color Poems
Word Poems
Here's a peek at our Shape Poems and our Word Poems... the writing paper has been updated since I did this a few weeks ago! Check out the FREEBIES for these poems!
Students had to write a poem creatively to represent its meaning. The writing paper has been updated in this FREEBIE for WORD POEMS.
Students wrote about a shape... where they see it, what they like about it, etc. Then they write their poem around that shape. Here's a link to the FREEBIE of the SHAPE POEMS.
For the rest of my poetry pack, click the LINK to go to my TPT store!
Wow, it feels so great to have this all organized... Next year, I will be GOOD TO GO! :)

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  1. We are currently using your poetry pack in our 1st grade classrooms and LOVE it!! Thank you! Wondering one question.. what did you use for the borders on your rough drafts and final drafts?