Monday, May 26, 2014

How is it the end of MAY already??

Quick post today... been sooo busy, oh my goodness!
I am proud to present my Summer Learning Activities Packet...
now on TPT!!
ON SALE NOW: MAY 26- MAY 30 for just $1.50.
Then the price will go up to $4.00.
50 pages of Summer Learning Activities for First Graders
Language Arts: using reading strategies, sight word rainbow writing, sight word graphing, word family brainstorms, compound word practice
Writing: poetry, letters, opinion writing, reader responses, writing about summer activities, nonfiction writing
Math: addition, subtraction, greater than/ less than/ equal to, math fact practice, number grid puzzles, number writing, money math, telling time, measurement, story problems, What's My Rule problems
Social Studies: interview a family member, drawing maps, writing letters
Science: bubble blowing experiment, living things exploration, outdoor scavenger hunt
Enjoy! Now, I'm out to enjoy this beautiful Memorial Day weather!

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