Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mini Math Books: The Perfect Practice!

This year, I have literacy interventions coming out of my ears! I feel like I'm spending so much time planning individualized activities and interventions for my struggling readers! Over half of my class came in reading below grade level this year so it has been like "reading boot camp" in my classroom! I'm happy to report that three of my struggling readers are now at grade level, which makes me feel like all the extra work is worth it! I still have eight more that are below where they need to be... but they are coming along!
We have a time set aside in our day for intervention, which is great because I can spend time with the kids who really need it. However, I'm sure all of you primary teachers understand my dilemma of how to keep my other students challenged, yet independent, while I am meeting with my intervention groups!
Here's what I came up with... MINI MATH PRACTICE BOOKS!
 The best part is... they are NO PREP! Simply print the pages back to back and staple along the center! Easy peasy!
Each week, my non-intervention students complete these fun math books! Each week is a different theme to keep the kids interested and motivated! We use the Everyday Math curriculum in our district, so the mini math books roughly follow the skills in the series.
Here's a peek at the most recent mini math book: Football Edition!

These math practice books are a total lifesaver and my kids love them! As we go throughout the school year, I plan to keep making them almost weekly.
Included in the bundle are the following themes:
- apples - halloween - trick or treat -
- fall leaves - football -
If you purchase the bundle, I will be adding more books throughout the school year that you may continue to download as part of your original purchase!

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