Sunday, January 25, 2015

Oh for the LOVE of Math!

Lazy Sunday for me today! Perfect time to start prepping math centers for Valentine's Day! With math workshop in full swing, I'm always looking for fun resources and creating my own math centers to keep my firsties engaged and learning! Right now, I'm always trying to stay a few weeks ahead in my math center planning so that I have time to make, print, copy, cut, and laminate all of my centers before we are ready to use them!

That means it is time to start prepping Valentine's Day!! I am so excited about these fun, easy activities and I took a little time for some guilt free Valentine's Day pinning... These are some of my favorite non-classroom ideas.

Okay, now for my math centers! I spent yesterday, working away on my laptop and I am so happy to share these centers with you! Click this link or the photo to see these in my TpT store!

Center One: 
Counting tens and ones using Base Ten blocks. This is a new concept for my firsties. We use the Everyday Math curriculum and it is just being introduced. This center is simple and will be perfect for their beginning knowledge of base ten.

Each card has a letter on it. After students count the base ten blocks, students connect the letter to the number they counted on the recording sheet.

Center Two:
My students are great at counting by 5s to 100. However, when they get into the hundreds, they start to fall apart. This center will help them to continue their skip counting into the hundreds. They will order the counting by 5s cards from 105-220 and then record then on a half sheet.

Center Three:
Another new concept for us is using the greater than and less than symbols. All of my students can compare numbers, but they are stumbling over these symbols. This center will give them much needed practice by sorting statements as true or false.

Center Four:
In the last center from my Valentine Math Centers, students fill in the missing addends in addition problems. Students complete addition facts to equal 7, 8, 9, and 10. My plan is to laminate these mats. Students will fill in the missing addend with dry erase marker and then record some of their answers on a half sheet of paper.

Center 5: (FREEBIE)
Last year, I picked up some of these foam heart stickers from Michael's on clearance after Valentine's Day. I'm sure that they have something similar this year if you are interested in creating this center!

I sorted out the big, flat hearts so that I could write numbers on them with black Sharpie.

I wrote numbers 0-9 on the hearts and put 20 hearts in each basket. Students will pick two hearts from the basket and write an addition problem with those numbers on this free printable! Saw this idea on Pinterest from the amazing Cara Carroll. Love her!

So that's a peek at my Valentine math plans! I hope that you enjoyed this post! All of these resources can be downloaded in my Valentine Math Centers!


  1. These look so well thought out! I always love finding another WI blogger. Thanks for the great tips for Feb. centers.

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