Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Intervention... Ready, Set, GO!

Wow, what a great week it has been so far! I may be getting ahead of myself since it is only Tuesday, but my kiddos have been so on top of things the past two days! They are such busy bees! Right now, I am sitting here enjoying my cappuccino, listening to Gladys Knight/Ella Fitzgerald Pandora Radio (LOVE), and I am totally ready to blog about my adventures in intervention that I have going on this week!

Let's start with MATH!!

So this year as we put RTI in place, the first grade classrooms switch kids for about 25 minutes a day for "intervention time." I have the small group of math intervention students in my room and the support of an aide, which is FABULOUS! Even within the math intervention group, I have one student who needs more significant one-on-one math intervention and luckily, this is one of my own students so I know his needs pretty well. I always start the intervention time with a mini lesson for the whole group, about 5 minutes or less. The majority of the intervention group then completes an independent activity or a partner game as my support staff monitors their progress and helps out. I pull my student who is in need of more significant intervention separately and we are still working on some basic number sense skills. I keep racking my brains for more ways of practicing skills to keep him motivated and engaged... and this week, I am really happy with what we are trying.

Intervention #1:
Identifying, ordering, before/after numbers in the TEENS.
I saw a picture of this idea on Pinterest, but I cannot track down the exact pin. I wrote numbers 9-21 on small plastic SOLO cups. I began this intervention by having my student put the cups in order.
After we had the cups in order, we practiced turning some of the cups backwards and figuring out what number was on it by looking at the numbers that we COULD see. We practiced before and after numbers in the teens.
This kiddo loved using the cups to practice numbers and it really got him up and moving. I think he stood next to the table during the whole intervention, moving around, flipping cups around as fast as he could... It was so fun and he was using such great number sense skills without even realizing it!!

Intervention #2:
Crossing the Decade
One of the skills that my intervention kiddos struggle with is crossing the decade when counting, especially when you get up into the higher two-digits numbers. For example, during a progress monitoring assessment where students have to just rote count to 100, one of my kiddos started counting 67, 68, 69, 30, 31, 32... Yikes! I realized that there are a few other kids in my intervention group that need to work on that skill as well. Tomorrow, we are going to play "Crossing the Decade Concentration."
Students have to find "matches" with the crossing the decade numbers. Therefore, 19 and 20 would be a match. We are going to use laminated number grids with the cards so that students can figure out what numbers they need to make a match.
I'm hoping that this game is a fun way to make those connections between decades when counting! Grab your freebie of the game cards here!!

Finally, one quick FLUENCY INTERVENTION!
I recently downloaded Cara Carroll's Rock Your Fluency Pack and it is fabulous! I am currently using it with my firsties who are in Title 1 reading intervention for extra sight word and fluency practice with their Dolch words!! Got my basket of fluency rings ready to go! Everyday, they grab a new ring of fluency phrases to practice during Read to Self. When they are finished they can choose to grab another set or they can go on to reading other independent books in their book bins. LOVE these cute little cards... and so do my intervention friends!

That's all for tonight! Time to catch up on the Real Housewives (I know I shouldn't be, but I'm addicted). Oops! 

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