Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Organization Anxiety!

Okay, so this next school year will be my third year of teaching and I always try to be as organized as possible. I felt like the last two years, I didn't always know what I would need when, how to map out the curriculum, and what documents would be useful to have handy in a teacher binder. I've tried different things and I feel like going into this year, I am waaaaay more prepared.
Over the past couple of weeks, I have been drooling over all of the AMAZING teacher planners that exist out there on the internet.... They are gorgeous and have SOOOOO many great ideas in them. However, I just can't get myself to spend between $50 - $100 on a planner when I would need to order a new one for next year... and the year after... Agh I've been having this little battle with myself over them and I decided that I needed to just put together my own teacher binder.
I've been searching Instagram, Pinterest, and Teachers Pay Teachers for examples of teacher binders and I've been looking at the types of organization sheets that may be useful to me. I started creating my own sheets and putting them together in a fun colorful binder from Target ($5.00).
My goal is always to use as little color ink as possible from my printer so my pages are almost entirely black & white. I printed many of my pages on white or colored cardstock to give the binder a little more pizzazz.
During the process of creating these sheets, I've posted a few photos on Instagram and several people were interested in what I was creating. I figured.... I can't be the only teacher who wants a fabulous teacher planner but doesn't want to pay over $50.00 for it.
Therefore, all of my teacher organization sheets are FREE and always will be FREE in my TPT store.
If you like what you see, please leave feedback in my TPT store. I will continually update this product on TPT as I add more pages to it so follow my store if you want to receive product updates!
Take a peek at my binder pages below!
Cover sheet
In my Year at a Glance section, I broke down each week into subjects and organized that major topics that I want to focus on that week... these are NOT my lesson plans, but rather, a tool to help me lesson plan more efficiently. It also helps me to be certain that I met all of the Common Core Standards throughout the school year.
Blank calendar pages to insert meetings, important dates, etc.
There are many pages included in the pack that are not featured here... This is just a sneak peek. Head over to my TPT store for download your own set for free!


  1. Wow! Not only impressive work,but so generous! Thanks a ton.

  2. Thank you for providing me with an essential pack! You rock!