Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer School Wrap Up... I Want My Firsties Back!

So I'm breathing a little sigh of relief today... I have been teaching summer school for the last three weeks with 3-5 grade students and today was our last day. I enjoyed the change from my firsties but I totally can't wait to be with first graders again this school year! I miss my little kiddos who get excited about getting to use markers or picking a "special" spot in the room! My experience in summer school totally reaffirmed my LOVE for FIRST GRADE!
Alright, now that I got that off my chest... I've been working on some Insect Math Centers for the beginning of the school year. My goal is always to make them interactive with some sort of manipulatives or cards for the kids to use... but I also want them to be responsible for their work. Therefore, I always try to include a small recording sheet with the center for me to assess them on!
Here's a FREEBIE of one of my math centers, BEE a Math Rockstar!
The goal is to order cards with numbers 1-30 and record the numbers.

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