Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3 Sounds for "ed"

One more post for tonight about PHONICS! I recently came across this great idea on Pinterest from For the Love of First Grade and she actually references What the Teacher Wants (where you can find the free printables for this activity!!)

This activity focuses on the different sounds that "ed' can make at the end of words. It can sound like "t" as in "looked." It can sound like "d" as in "played." Or it can sound like "ed" as in "wanted." We talked about these different sounds and I showed my students our chart.

I had my kiddos partner up and search for words that end in "ed" in their Daily 5 book bins. As they came across the words, they wrote them on post-its.

I had each partner team come over individually and place their words in the column that they thought it matched.

After all of the groups put their words up, we read through them as a group and determined if any words needed to be placed in a different column. The kids LOVED it... I mean really... any time you give a first grader Post-its... you know that they will have a grand old time!
Our completed list of words!

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