Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The 99th Day of School

In preparation for the 100th day of school, we did a fantastic art project with the number, 100. When I saw this project posted on The First Grade Parade today, I knew that we had to do this to get us in the 100TH DAY SPIRIT! I gave each student a 1 and two 0s and they had to use their "100" to make a creative drawing. Great for special reasoning and SO FUN!

My firsties: hard at work! So creative!
I love seeing their creative minds at work! Among our 100 artwork were monster trucks, butterflies, wild animals, a depiction of outer space, and many other fantastic ideas!

Some of our finished artwork... Now displayed on our door!
My favorite 100 DAY poem ready, 100 DAY crown made, and 100 DAY books found!! Is it bad that I am probably more excited than my students?? The 100th day of school is such a big deal! I love looking at how far we have come since the beginning of the year!! One sweet little darling asked me today if after the 100th day of school, she would be in second grade. I could tell she looked very concerned and was relieved when I told her that there would still be 80 more days of first grade! I'm not ready to give them up yet! (...already feeling my tears that I know will come at the end of the school year with the fabulous group that I lucky to work with this year... let's not think about that yet!)
Take a peek at my 100TH DAY PACKET OF FUN for my students to use as they complete their 100TH DAY centers and activities tomorrow!! It is on sale right now in my TPT store!

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